Best content editors for your blog

Learn about the best content publishers for your blog, whether it’s a personal hobby or part of your business venture. Discover everything these tools have to offer here.

Blog editors

Blogs are websites that have been created to share written content with users and there are a variety of them, from personal to business, however they have something in common and that is that the owners upload relevant information from their personal perspective or based on your business career.

The blog has the peculiarity that it allows site owners to get in touch with users, allowing them to read what they upload and facilitating interaction and feedback between both parties.

Thus, having a blog with good content is essential to obtain better results in your publications, however it is necessary that you have a good editor to get the most out of this digital tool.

Free content editors for your blog

These are platforms through which you can create, manage and upload content to your blog for free, with a simple interface and covering the needs of your hobby or business.


This is an editor that offers specialized tools in digital marketing, so that they can be of benefit to growing businesses and ventures.

By creating an account with HubSpot you will be able to use the free blog builder that has options for creating web pages with sections dedicated to blogs, site traffic metrics, drag and drop editor, custom domain hosting, SSL security, Basic SEO and more.

It also has predesigned themes and options to create your blog in a personalized way. It has a free version and a Premium version with more features enabled.


If you blog on a personal basis and don’t want to use an editor based on digital marketing, Blogger is ideal for you as all you need to do is open an account, add your posts and publish.

Just by having a Gmail email account, you will be able to access the blog creation tool automatically.

Through blogger you can acquire a personal domain, apply SEO optimization strategies, link your blog to Google Analytics, optimize with Adsense and edit HTML and CSS.


If you want to give your blog an attractive appearance for users, with Tumblr you can modify your space in a creative way, adding images, videos and GIFs in addition to the content in text format.

This editor is perfect for personal blogs, however it can also be adapted to the needs of your venture or business.


Although it is a relatively new tool, it offers excellent options for your blogs, since it shows the content in an attractive way for the users.
It has a community of writers, authors and collaborators, within which they offer recommendations to improve your blogs.

Medium will allow you to access directly from your Facebook or Twitter account and has a responsive design by default.


Site123 It is a web page that allows you to create blogs for free, with a friendly, simple and widely functional interface. It’s ideal for beginners so you won’t need programming knowledge to use it and you’ll be able to optimize your blog with all the tools it offers.

However, to be able to access the option to create your own domain and expand the storage, you will need to contract the Premium plan, which requires a monthly subscription payment.


This tool was launched in 2008 and currently has millions of users who use it, thanks to the fact that they offer a variety of functions, pre-designed templates, and the option to customize them.

The tool offers an intuitive interface that promises to improve your SEO positioning, analytical metrics and widgets with which you can turn your blog into something very attractive to users, with a professional touch.