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What is responsive design?

We tell you what responsive design consists of?, so that you can take advantage of this strategy for your venture and get the best benefits from it. Continue reading and find out all about it here.

The responsive design

Also called Responsive Design, it is what is known as adaptive design, a technique used to adapt conventional websites so that users can access them through various devices, such as smartphones, tablets and others. .

Usually, those who design websites do so through a computer or PC, however, users do not always access the Internet through this equipment but use other devices, so it is necessary that the pages can be viewed in the same way on whatever the access platform used by the Internet user.

This aspect has been a challenge for brands and even web developers since, thanks to the continuous advancement of technology, every day a variety of devices with different resolutions are launched on the market, making it almost impossible to create a version of websites for each one of them.

However, the above has fueled the growth of responsive design, which despite not being a new term, is in full swing.

Responsive Design, as its name indicates, aims to offer a design that adapts and responds to the needs of users, regardless of the type of device they use to access the website, understanding that they must respond efficiently to the dimensions of the screen, orientation and proportional arrangement of the elements on the page, as well as its general operation.

This implies that even if the same web page is used for all users to see, in each particular case a different but equally functional version is displayed.

How does the Responsive design work?

Previously, when responsive design was something new among websites, pages only adapted structural elements and text to the various access platforms, while images and videos could lose quality or simply not be seen through other devices than computers or PCs.

However, nowadays responsive design has evolved to the point where practically all the elements of a page can be modified so that any user can access it through different devices, enjoying the same positive experience in each case.

The responsive design uses a series of CSS3 style sheets, which using the “mediaquery” attribute transform any conventional website into multiplatform pages with the ability to adapt to any access device, offering the best user experience.

The application of this technique makes it possible to automatically detect the size of the device’s screen and automatically adjust all the elements that make up the web page.

In addition, there is a unique HTML code, which is sent to all access devices or platforms, so that it does not require redirection to another URL.

In this way, both the design and the content of the pages are adapted using a CSS code, through a structure known as a CSS Grid.

However, when developing a website, it is necessary to use responsive design themes and select the appropriate size of the elements, considering the possible view dimensions.

All this will allow you to achieve the following:

• A better user experience on the website.
• Elimination of duplicate content.
• Reduced development costs
• Increase the variability and versatility of the website.
• Optimize your website and each of the pages that make it up.

So don’t wait any longer and start applying responsive design to the pages of your website. If you are interested in discovering the best techniques and tricks to keep your equipment in optimum condition and take advantage of all the tools they offer, you cannot stop reading the articles that are published on our blog.

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